Following Jesus Audio Series (English)

A world class team of eight specialists in comunicating Biblical truth to primary oral learners has joined with host Dr. Avery Willis, author and developer of the internationally acclaimed series MasterLife discipleship process, to produce this audio CD series.

Following Jesus is the most comprehensive effort to date to create a discipleship and leadership training curriculum based on Chronological Bible Storying. A team of experienced disciple-makers, storyers, and theological educators put together a series of six learning modules designed to guide a follower of Jesus from salvation all the way to cross-cultural missionary work. Each module consists of audio recordings designed to model the process by which listeners can customize a discipleship and leadership training process for the worldview of the people whom they are discipling and training.

Following Jesus is an audio resource for discipling, training leaders, and maturing followers of Jesus. Following Jesus consists of seven modules that have different functions and different content.

Module 1 is an introduction aimed at ministry leaders who are steeped in western, literate approaches to ministry. It aims to help them catch the vision for working orally with oral cultures. It tells why oral methods are necessary and gives an introduction to making disciples orally.

Modules 2-7 provide content that Christian leaders can draw from in formulating their own discipleship curriculum for the people they work with. The modules are sequenced in a developmental pattern. The developmental sequence is the same one use in Master Life. That is, the modules start with issues new believers normally face or teaching that they need early in their life with Christ. Progressively the content becomes deeper and more demanding, suited for more mature believers.

The modules are not a series that someone has to work through from beginning to end, though that might be very beneficial. They are more like an encyclopedia of resources to draw from when needed. The modules deal with a wide range of discipleship issues. For each topic there is a discussion of the spiritual principle involved, a discussion of what biblical stories might be used to teach that principle, the telling of the story, and suggestions about discussion questions the group leader could ask or assignments the group leader could make to help people apply the principle to their lives.

Each module models the process of deciding what stories to tell, how to tell them, and what discussion questions to ask so that the story speaks to the worldview of the hearers.

Module 2, Choosing to Follow Jesus, grounds people in a basic set of 66 biblical stories in chronological order to make sure they have the essential storyline and message of salvation down. These can be used for evangelism or to acquaint new believers with the message of salvation.

Module 3, Living in the Family of Jesus, deals with the topics a new believer needs to know about in the first stages of spiritual growth, including the nature of discipleship (30 Bible stories), plus an introduction to church life and the multiplication of churches (19 Bible stories). It also contains a VCD of Avery Willis leading a storying session with a group of Indonesian believers. The VCD gives viewers a visual image of the storying process being used in a small group setting. It is especially helpful for those who have never seen a Christian gathering like this.

Module 4, Becoming Like Jesus, contains 62 biblical stories dealing with two major themes: Nurturing Spiritual Children (including witnessing) and Maturing Spiritual Disciples.

Module 5, Serving Like Jesus, has 37 stories dealing with the Disciple's Cross, Worship, Family, and Stewardship and 29 biblical stories dealing with Spiritual Warfare.

Module 6, Multiplying Spiritual Disciples and Leaders, takes discipleship forward to another level of maturity. It includes another 75 biblical stories that teach how to multiply disciples who themselves multiply and how to equip spiritual leaders.

Module 7 concludes the series with 88 biblical stories which provide biographical studies of 9 spiritual leaders in Scripture, showing how each of them learned to be on mission with God. All told, the seven modules contain over 400 biblical stories and suggestions on how to use them in making disciples of oral learners.